Erasmus Adventures: Graz through the eyes of Mar, Adrian, Irene and Marcos

• 14. Dez 2023 • Internationales, Pädagogische Hochschule Steiermark

In this episode of Radio Igel, Erasmus students from Spain, including Marcos, Irene, Mar, and Adrian, share their experiences in the exchange program. They discuss choosing Erasmus for reasons like learning English and embracing new cultures, highlighting university support and opportunities for socializing.

The students touch on their initial uncertainties in selecting Graz, Austria, for its novelty. Living abroad brought personal and professional growth through newfound independence and exposure to cultural differences.

They address distinctions in party scenes, noting differences in music, duration, and cultural nuances. The language barrier poses challenges, especially with non-English-speaking locals, but they appreciate support from teachers and fellow students.

Reflecting on their best and worst experiences in Graz, incidents like triggering a fire alarm and navigating a snowstorm-induced delay stand out. Despite challenges, they cherish positive moments, such as traveling and connecting with the Erasmus community.

Concluding with advice for future students, they emphasize embracing the experience, maintaining a balanced lifestyle, and participating in groups like ESN for enhanced enjoyment. The students express gratitude for the opportunity to share insights, hoping their experiences prove beneficial to listeners.