ZOTTER Chocolate

• 12. Mai 2022 • English Studio, Praxismittelschule PH Steiermark, Umwelt

Josef Zotter on “The European Heart Project”

At the beginning of May, a training week with video productions on historical episodes in the context of human rights and democracy education was implemented at the PH Steiermark as part of an international project called the EU Heart project. This training week ended with a visit to the Riegersburg and the Zotter chocolate factory. During this tour, an interview was conducted with Mr. Josef Zotter on May 6, 2022, in which the weekly topics were addressed, such as:

What forms of democratic co-determination are there in your company?
How far can you ensure that there is no child labor in your chocolate?
The conversation was conducted in English under the direction of Emma, a pupil of  the Praxismittelschule der PH Steirmark,  and the questions were asked by young people from Burgenland, Greece and La Reunion.


Bilder: Prof.in Dr. in phil. Monika Gigerl BEd MA