Fast Fashion

Zileka, a student at the „Praxismittelschule der PH Stmk“ talks with Ms Zechmann – a student who is doing her master’s internship at the PMS – about the negative environmental impact of the fashion industry. Do you know how much water it takes to produce just one pair of jeans?  Listen to find it out! […]

Talking about the Future and New York

Melisa and Aulona are students at the „Praxismittelschule der PH Stmk“. They talk about their future and practice not only „language in use“,  but also communication skills. Since Aulona would like to work in New York one day  she asks Ms. Zechmann – a student who is doing her master’s internship at the PMS – […]

A Day in the Life of Melisa and Sara

One day in the life of Melisa and Sara.  The two students of the  „Praxismittelschule der PH Steiermark „like foreign languages and tell us something about their typical everyday life in English.

Me as a Superhero

Wie klingt es, wenn Schüler:innen die eigenen Text der Englisch Schularbeiten einsprechen? In einer Supplierstunde wagten Noemi, Barni, Nick und Joana, Schüler:innen der Praxismittelschule der PH Stmk den Versuch. Es war sehr lustig und auf jeden fall supercool!

Stay Paw-sitive and Listen to Fun Facts about Cats

Melisa is a  student of the Praxismittelschule der PH Steiermark (1st grade Flexi Blue) and talks about her most beloved animal. She practices her English pronunciation and has fun in the studio.

I Robbed a Library – How Silent Picture Books Made Our Day

In this podcast Ms Haidacher-Horn, Mag.phil. Prof. , talks about the course „Pronunciation“ where silent picture books were used. Students of the teacher training in English acquire knowledge of the peculiarities of English pronunciation both in the field of articulation of speech sounds as well as in the suprasegmental area (word and sentence emphasis, rhythm […]

Quarantine Tipps from Melisa

Stay positive even if you want to be negative. If you have to stay at home due to Covid 19 life is not easy. Melisa knows what she is talking about if she gives some tipps to get through that time. You will also get the fluffiest and cutest advice ever!

Any Act of Kindness is never a Waste

Any act of kindness is never a waste say Zileka, Sara and Lena from „Praxismittelschule der PH Steiermark. They talk about bullying – a  big problem with big consequences at school  – and try to raise  awareness against today’s youth problems. They are students in year one and practice their communicatin skills.

Kids against plastic

Zileka and Ena are students in class 1a of „Praxismittelschule der PH Steiermark“. They talk about the production of plastic, the problems with microplastics and explain the difference between recycling and downcycling.