Amina Zwindila Foundation School in Jos, Nigeria

Lukas-and-Amina-2Many people live in Nigeria. Many are poor. Nigeria is working on its democratisation and economic development after years of military dictatorship. Ethnic conflicts between the Muslim north and the Christian/Animist south cost dearly. Education is expensive. It is impossible for poor families to pay for schools.
Because of these circumstances Amina Zwindila started a private school project. She wanted to provide free access to education for poor children (cf. and see for more information and photos: Community Project – Nigeria). Lukas from KLEX is in his second year of learning English. He talks to Amina on her visit to Austria. Find out about similarities and differences between Austrian and Nigerian schools and learn how and why Loombands will soon find their way to Jos. Music: Nice Day by Yukikaze

      Amina Zwindila Foundation School

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