„…but now the way is blocked“ – Places of Refuge During the COVID-19 Lockdown

but now the way is blocked

Where do you go if nothing else goes? Where seek shelter?

Listen to Annika and Mika from KLEX. In only their second year of learning English, they succeed in taking you on a journey – a trip to their „favourite places“ (which was the task set to them). Written during the COVID-19 lockdown, the poems you’ll hear stand out. Beyond being descriptive, they also testify to the impact the crisis had on the two kids. Visit and re-visit. A journey worth embarking on over and over again…

Sky Clear


Sky Clear – Biene und Donner: Hoerspielbox.de; Musik: ueberschall

Sky Clear & Connected – Atmo: ueberschall (Sunny Moods 2)

Quarantined (…but now the way is blocked) – Dreamy Rap Beat: One Tone