Cooking and Baking with Mo

French Toast

In this episode Mo tells us how to make French Toast. The idea came from his father. He did not want to waste  a rock hard baguette that no one wanted to eat anymore.


Ingredients: leftover baguette, 2 eggs, 25ml milk, pinch of salt, butter, maple syrup or honey, two bananas,  -if you want meat: ham or bacon




In this episode Mo bakes Vegan Muffins. Let’s find out if they really taste as good as they look.

Ingredients: 280g flour, 120 – 130g white crystal sugar, pinch of salt, 1 bag of backing powder, 2 table spoons of apple puree, 90 – 105ml coconut oil, 150ml sparkling water

If you like: berries, vegan chocolate chips or nuts, flavouring: vanilla, cinnamon, …







In the second episode Mo cooks delicious Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls)

Onigiri - Japanese Rice Balls




Moritz is a student of  the Praxis Mittelschule der PHStmk and he loves cooking and baking. He reveals his favorite recipes to us and is happy when they are diligently cooked and baked. In his first episode he tells us how to make American Pancakes.