USA Uncovered

Join us for „USA Uncovered,“ where student teachers Agnes Sengstbratl and Ms. Holzer explore American culture with pupils.

MS Sengstbratl shares her nine-month experience in Ohio, discussing everything from sports and traditions to food and social norms. MS Holzer does her master’s internship in the subject „English“ at the Praxis Mittelschule der Pädagoischen Hochstule Steiermark.

Joining the conversation are Ilvie, Ylva, and Gvantsa from class 2k, while Leo, Mounib, and Claudio from class 4f handle cameras and control the microphones. At the Praxismittelschule, radio and TV are used as learning forms to nurture and challenge the talents of students. Discover the USA through their eyes and enjoy insights into this vibrant culture. Program design: Manuel Krknjak