Learning a Second Language: Our First Interview!



Meet Precious Nnebedum…

… and five courageous first-graders from KLEX.  After only six months of learning English, they charmingly engage in a conversation about family, friends, pets and home. It’s their school’s English Week and Ronja, Lilith, Lisa Marie, Johanna and Kaya try to find out much about their 19-year-old guest.

„Precious was very nice! The interview was nice, too!“ – Ronja

„I think it was really cool.“ – Lilith

Precious used to work for Radioigel as well. You can find some of her best podcasts here on this website. Just enter her first name in the search engine and then pick! For more information on Nigeria, listen to Amina Zwindila Foundation School in Jos, Nigeria.  To find out more about Precious herself go to Poetry Slam – Toothpaste and Bright Shades of Yourself.