Trick or Treat! The Heat Is On…



Zombies, witches, mysterious monsters – watch out!

This is what Halloween really sounds like! In this podcast you hear four boys: Joshua, Jan, Alek and Julian (in order of appearance). They present their own Halloween texts. Starting from pictures, they were asked to take their listeners to creepy places or introduce unique Halloween characters. Here is what they came up with in only their second year of learning English. Enjoy!

To all the (future) teachers and pupils out there…

Attentive listeners will realize that mistakes have not all been corrected in this recording. This is because it was a peer correction task. No teacher was present. However, some of the texts (or parts of them) were recorded up to nine times until they felt right. One text was even rewritten to make it creepier – all based on feedback from classmates during the recording session.

Now, with everything frozen for eternity, it’s very easy for the teacher to highlight the good uses of language as well as point out a few mistakes for the speakers to work on. Don’t hesitate to publish student work that is not yet Standard English. The playfulness that comes with the self-directed learning process will totally make up for it!

Further information on error correction in English conversation classes can be found here.

(Radioigel – Tips for Teachers)

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