quarantine Blues – Episodes 1 & 2


Episode 2 – Skateboarding and Philosophy
Melia on quarantine Blues

And here is the first interview! Precious talks to Melia, a 12-year-old student from Klex. For Melia, the conversation is part of her mindmap-work for English. Teachers at Klex, while providing intensive individual support,  encourage students to choose their own approach to intended learning outcomes. This also works during Distance Learning.

For the young host Precious, the interview is special for different reasons. Although the recording was challenging (one of the best known video-conferencing platforms had to suffice), her proficiency at guiding people through interviews clearly shows and makes listening a treat! This is real-life sound if people cannot meet face-to-face. Enjoy!


Welcome to quarantine Blues with Precious Nnebedum!
quarantine Blues by Precious Nnebedum

Precious Nnebedum is not a newbie to radio but refers to herself as a rusted chain to the fm. The outbreak of the Corona Virus and the near banishment to self isolation and quarantine has served as a nudge to oil the chain and get her back into the radio business. From jokes and laughs to actual worries and fears, she strives to give insight into lives and coping mechanisms shared by others and herself during this period. Tune in and be part of this digital experience.

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