New York, 9/11, Covid 19 in the US – empty Fifth Avenue, how do Americans feel just before the election? In conversation with Heidi O’Brien

Johanna Kampel-Kettner does her master’s internship in the subject „English“ with Mr Krknjak at the Praxis Mittelschule der Pädagoischen Hochstule Steiermark. The main  topic for the next 4 weeks will be „USA“.

This interview was created in order to prepare the topic as vividly, excitingly and sustainably as possible for the students. Her guest was Ms. Heidi O’Brien, she emigrated from Burgenland to the USA at the age of 14, was during 9/11 inside the World Trade Center, reported on an empty Fifth Avenue during the Covid 19 pandemic and gives an insight into the current mood in the USA just before the election.

The video has also been designed interactively and can be used in the Flipped Classroom principle. To ensure that the content is understood, students need to answer questions correctly.

Program design: Manuel Krknjak